Monday, 14 February 2011

A visit to Centre Pompidou

Pompidou is a modern-artmuseum in Paris, and just the building is interesting in itself with these huge pipes going all around it. I am not really a big fan of modern art, most of the time i am just unimpressed by it, but sometimes there are a few golden nuggets in that muddy river of artsy-fartsy.

There were a few pieces that i really liked in this place and they also had lots of pieces by superstars like Picasso and Mattise.

Niki de Saint Phalle
I really liked these two huge figures. From a distance their size and character were overwhelming, but up close there was even more to see with all the details made out of toys and dolls and all kinds of stuff.

A projected video in slow motion of a naked body spinning a hula-hoop, made out of barbed wire, around it's waist. As the video progressed it came up closer to the waist and you could clearly see how the skin had been damaged from this "exercise". I kinda liked it, actually.

Well, someone has to do the vaginas, right? And as it is written in the detail of the last painting, and as seen in magnitude of these pieces depicting sexual organs, size DOES matter!(?)

These are just a few of the Picasso pieces at Pompidou. I must admit that i find Picasso as a person a lot more interesting than his art. But still, me being a small town boy, i can't help but being star-struck.

No comment...

George Grosz
This one was hiding in a corner. Never heard of the artist, but then again i really don't know much about art-history. I did like it, though.

Francis Bacon
Bacon... Check!

So... I'll just top this post off with some more pics.

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