Monday, 14 February 2011

Boots galore

A real fashionista knows the true value of sexy boots, and today we passed by a second hand/vintage shop with lots of overpriced clothes and here is a few items i wish to share with you.

1. The happy mexican

Yeah, these ones are best combined with a few rounds of tequila and are guaranteed to land you a senorita or two.

2. The sober classic

Not as daring as the previous ones, but still a dashing pair of boots that adds that special sophistication and mysterious-cowboy-stranger flavour to your overall look. Combine these with a dusty horsepoop-scented perfume and you are on fire.

3. Die gestapo

Not everyone can pull this look off. Die gestapo is, without a doubt, the most risky and demanding model out there. If you don't have the the stern and disciplined personality to match the character of these boots, then you'd do best to stay away.

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