Sunday, 27 February 2011

True love

Going home late last night, I saw this scene. He was sleeping, and she was eating McDonald's fries out of a paperbag that she had in her shoulderbag. A guy comes and sits down next to sleeping guy. Unaware of the girl's relationship status, he starts talking to her in a flirty manner. With a smile, full of greasy and stinking fries, she replies and they end up having a conversation for a while. The conversation stops when the drunk guy wakes up and, in a slur, asks the girl for something. She responds by hastily finishing her fries, handing over the empty paperbag and then strokes his cheek to comfort him as he starts puking in the bag. The other guy looks disgusted and confused, until he finally realises that he is sitting next to the puking boyfriend of the girl he's been flirting with. At the next stop he gets up and gets off the metro. Just another glamouros saturday night in Stockholm, where lovers finish their fries before helping the other one.

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