Friday, 21 January 2011

Modern art?

This is actually a close-up of my palett, but it might as well be a piece of modern art that some bullshitting-no-talent-asswipe would sell for a fortune by describing it like this:

- It's an erupting volcano. The heavyset and earthy feel of the volcano symbolises me and my feeling of being shackled to a foundation, and the intense burning red of the lava and fire is my passion for this woman that doesn't acknowledge my love for her. The darker patch in the right corner is the smoke and the residue of said passion that's contained and confined within the claustrofobic frame that is my mind. The big message here is that if only I opened up my mind, the smoke and the sign of my passion would be allowed to fly free through the skies and have this woman know how I feel. Just... Open your mind.

Haha... Yeah, that's how an (con)artist sells (con)art. I am a firm believer that art should speak for itself. Anyone can put crap on a canvas and call it art, and I´m not saying that it isn't art, but if you need to dress it in bullshit in order to justify it and give it some value, then it's likely that it actually IS bullshit.


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  2. Haha... Wow, a comment!? Thank you very much though. :)