Sunday, 17 October 2010

Inspirations: Goya

So I thought I´d start sharing some of my thoughts and feelings about OTHER people's art. The art/artist I´ll be blogging about are the kind that in some way inspired/inspire me in some way.
So... First out is Goya(1746-1828).

Of course I admire his skill, but to me the most interesting thing are these themes of horror and emotional haunting that can be found in some of his work. It seems to me like he was way before his time in this. There is a almost perverted playfulness and provocative touch to his work that went beyond the crowdpleasing and boastful attitude that seemed to dominate other art. Art at the the time was something exclusive, and was mostly exclusive to royalty and high-society. Goya´s "darker" art seems like it was disregarding this audience and purpose.

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